It’s like Fort Knox For Source Code


Comply with discovery obligations while diligently protecting your client’s valuable IP, and do so cost effectively with a proven service provider to AMLAW 100 firms.

When dealing with highly sensitive intellectual property, allow your software experts to efficiently review the source code with only the approved software tools and techniques in a specialized virtual PC environment that you control. Know who is accessing the source code, without anyone traveling.

Verify that the face — and only one face — is the authorized face in front of the computer screen. With multi-webcam, real-time proctoring features, monitor who has access to the files you’ve provided, and control when, where and for how long access is available.

Take advantage of industry-leading features, thoughtfully designed with IP litigators

  • Eyes-only security with biometric identity verification
  • Block screen sharing, screen capture, printing, and copy/paste
  • User-specific command line access
  • Ensure a clear machine — no files left behind, and no key-logging or other malware
  • Custom watermarks across users’ computer screens
  • Restricted applications and internet access during SecureReview sessions

Before you negotiate the next protective order, find out about the innovative features and capabilities of SecureReview.