Are You Using The Right Tools for Secure Work From Home?

Like most organizations, your workforce has shifted from the office to remote work from home. Due to the fast moving coronavirus, people all over the world are now working from remote personal computers. All of these changes occurred so quickly that there may not have been enough time to set up an ironclad security posture….

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InfoSec Risks During Coronavirus Quarantines

Global organizations are implementing 14-day quarantine, or “quarantine at home” procedures for staff who have traveled to areas affected by the Coronavirus. These crisis response measures introduce new information security risks for organizations and their clients. Even the most prepared organization’s plans will be challenged by rapidly evolving scenarios which may include government mandated travel…

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Total Lockdown: Cybersecurity Redefined

There are so many ways that SecureReview helps reduce the risk of information disclosures on an upcoming project. Recently, SecureReview’s Jordan Ellington had an opportunity to converse with a customer (at a firm that’s ranked in the Am Law 50), and they touched on the most pressing concerns raised with specific product features. Customer: How…

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Sensitive Internal Investigations Need Powerful Document Security

Almost every day there’s a new headline: an investigation into alleged fraud at a bank, a sexual harassment claim against a company executive, or a whistleblower report of suspicious business dealings.   Internal investigations that are necessary and appropriate to get at the facts involve the collection, analysis, and review of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands…

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Matter Specific Infrastructure, Explained

Sharing confidential documents is a necessary aspect of doing business. But conventional methods of sharing private matters also carries a degree of risk. You don’t really know who can gain access to confidential data unless you have a secure, multilayered environment that takes all possible breaches into account. Consider that copies of information get stored…

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Well Meaning Attorneys Make Honest Mistakes

Are the best document review attorneys working long hours at night at home? Can they print “interesting” docs or emails to firm associates upon request? Does one doc review attorney out of 60 in a beautiful open-office space in Dallas have an ax to grind against your client or against a particular corporate player? Can…

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Consider the consequence

Consider the Consequences: Today’s Document Review Attorneys

Today, even for large law firms, one significant litigation or government investigation matter can lead to lawyers carefully reviewing thousands, or tens of thousands, of emails and memos and PowerPoints and spreadsheets from key players inside your client company for privilege, trade secrets, or any number of important facts and issues. The powerful alchemy of…

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Why Sufficient Information

Why Information Security Audits Aren’t Sufficient

When you regularly handle confidential documents, it’s an excellent idea to conduct information security audits. An information security audit is a great way to measure and assess the effectiveness of your security policies. An audit is an opportunity to ensure that your well thought out plans are technically sound. But there’s one problem. An audit…

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