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Cybersecurity Threats for 2020

Security Boulevard

Deepfakes and ransomware: Security Boulevard explains how to protect yourself in 2020. “In 2019, 50% of all global organizations fell victim to ransomware, compromised accounts, or spoofed credentials, many due to falling for a phishing attack. In the same year, Australians reported $61.6 million lost due to investment scams. As alarming as these statistics are, we expect cybersecurity threats for 2020 to increase.”

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NSA Uncovers ‘Severe’ Microsoft Windows Vulnerability

The U.S. National Security Agency took the unusual step Tuesday of announcing what it calls a “severe” vulnerability in Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system ahead of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday security update. The flaw could allow attackers to execute man-in-the-middle attacks or decrypt confidential data within applications.

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Legal Tech

The Decade in Legal Tech: The 10 Most Significant Developments

“Looking back, it may well have been the most tumultuous decade ever in changing how legal services are delivered,” writes Bob Ambrogi on LawSites. “In legal technology, it was a decade of tumult and upheaval, bringing changes that will forever transform the practice of law and the delivery of legal services. Feisty startups took on established behemoths. The cloud dropped rain on legacy products. Mobile tech untethered lawyers. Clients demanded efficiency and transparency. Robots arrived to take over our jobs. “Alternative” became a label for new kinds of legal services providers. An expanding justice gap fueled efforts at ethics reform. Investment dollars began to pour in. Data got big.”

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security incidents

7 security incidents that cost CISOs their jobs

Read a roundup of major information security breaches: Capital One, Equifax, Uber, Facebook, Target, JP Morgan, and San Francisco State University. According to writer Dan Swinhoe, “While the CISO is not always let go — Kaspersky reports that senior non-IT employees are laid off at 27% of enterprises (those with over 1,000 employees) that suffer a breach – their positions can often be at risk if there were clear security failures.”

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ai cyber security

10 Predictions How AI Will Improve Cybersecurity In 2020

Writer Louis Columbus checks in with five cybersecurity experts who predict the continued growth of AI tools in the coming year. He notes that tech consulting firm “Capgemini predicts 63% of organizations are planning to deploy AI in 2020 to improve cybersecurity, with the most popular application being network security.”

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Smart Cyber

How smart cybersecurity solutions are increasingly powered by AI and ML

David H. Deans, writing in Cloud Tech News, talks about the advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Both sides of the battle leverage the latest tech. “AI and ML have been used widely in cybersecurity industries, by both hacking and security communities, making the security landscape even more sophisticated. Many organisations, regardless of size, are now facing greater challenges in day-to-day IT security operations.”

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Cyber Security

The Cyber Security ‘Perimeter:’ Has It Simply Vanished?

According to Cyber Security Hub, the concept of a cyber security perimeter intrigues security experts, who have long fought against emerging malware strains and external threats to fortify a network’s interior. Today, is a castle-and-moat strategy a thing of the past?

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Addressing Challenges

Addressing The Challenges of Moving Security to the Edge

An article in Security Week notes that for many organizations, the network perimeter has been replaced with a variety of new network edges. Many have specific challenges that can severely complicate an organization’s ability to maintain a consistent and manageable security infrastructure. These security challenges are two-fold.

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New Year New Technology

New Year, New Technology: Law Firms Turning to Cloud Technology for Increased Data Security

“Law firms house a great deal of sensitive client information and are understandably concerned about the IT security of any technology solution they implement. However, many firms still think that legacy on-premise IT solutions are the most effective way to safeguard client data. The fact is that maintaining a secure on-premise IT solution is costly and complex,” according to Travis Howe, CISO of Litify.

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