How Remote Working is Making Life Easier For Hackers


[VIDEO] Without corporate firewalls, phishing attacks are far easier to carry out on WFH computers. Employees are also taking work computers home and using them for personal email, gaming and more, opening up vulnerabilities and providing attackers a doorway into networks.

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Are Your New Remote Workers Visible to Security Operations?


Due to coronavirus, companies are seeing an unprecedented amount of remote work. Whether mandated by the government or the organization, businesses are asking many (if not all) employees to work from home. While this move creates obvious challenges for IT in terms of infrastructure and capacity, it’s also creating challenges for security teams as they push to scale remote work on a rapid and global level, according to Gartner.

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Biometric cyber privacy tools released by SecureReview, Western Digital, AirCUVE

Biometric Update

Amid widespread concern for cybersecurity and interest in replacing passwords with biometric authentication, new solutions providing or supporting biometrics have been launched by SecureReview, Western Digital, and AirCUVE, writes Alessandro Mascellino.

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Who is Doing My Document Review and Where?

ACC Docket

Integreon’s Jamie Berry writes, “The global pandemic-driven Work from Home (WFH) transformation has completely changed the way legal document review is managed….The seemingly many variables presented by at-home work mean corporate counsel need to ask their law firms and legal service providers ‘who is doing my document review — and where?”‘

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17 Major Companies That Have Announced Employees Can Work Remotely Long Term


Read a roundup of businesses choosing WFH. “Following the coronavirus pandemic, more than half of Americans want to continue working remotely while two-thirds of companies may render their current work-from-home policies permanent.”

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The Workforce Is About to Change Dramatically

The Atlantic

“Google announced in July that its roughly 200,000 employees will continue to work from home until at least next summer. Mark Zuckerberg has said he expects half of Facebook’s workforce to be remote within the decade. Twitter has told staff they can stay home permanently.”

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Does Your Company Have a Long-Term Plan for Remote Work?

Harvard Business Review

Mark W. Johnson and Josh Suskewicz write in the Harvard Business Review, “To know what’s ‘best’ for your organization’s future when it comes to remote work, you have to put it in the context of all the things that you are looking to achieve. In other words, you have to have a conscious aspiration. Then you need to envision the “workforce system” that will make those things possible.”

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The Legal Profession Is Suddenly Practicing Law Like It’s The 2030s

Above The Law

Nicole Black writes, “Over the past few months, I’ve witnessed an unprecedented change in mindset by lawyers when it comes to technology. For starters, lawyers in my community have begun to accept certain types of technologies — such as videoconferencing, e-signature, virtual notaries, and cloud computing remote working tools — with open arms.”

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Amid Austerity Measures, These Firms Can’t Cut Lawyer Salaries

Bloomberg Law

A group of so-called “virtual” law firms say they are seeing a surge in interest from those in Big Law who are fed up with financial agreements they feel shifting under their feet as firms weather a crisis.

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