The Answer to Distributed Workforce Security. Persistent. Game Changing.

SessionGuardian: Go Beyond MFA

SessionGuardian Enterprise is designed to fit seamlessly within your workflow. Who’s really looking at your data? The answer affects your security and compliance posture.

Eliminate the chance of data exposure. Ensure compliance. Lock down remote computers with a cost-effective solution.

Protect the edge

Your distributed workforce can use their own computers to access confidential information. Reduce the cost of computer hardware for remote workers.

Keep your VM infrastructure and add an extra layer of security with SessionGuardian Enterprise. The biometric AI-powered solution integrates with existing solutions at significant cost savings.

Works with AWS, Azure, Citrix, VMware, and more

SessionGuardian Enterprise Implements groundbreaking end-point protection software for sensitive data. Add much more security to existing remote computing environments.

SessionGuardian Enterprise is compatible with AWS, Azure, Citrix, VMware, and other main line virtualization platforms and runs on Windows and Mac PCs.

  • Eyes-only security with biometric identity verification
  • Block copy/paste, screen sharing and screen capture
  • Detect unauthorized users
  • Detect smartphones taking photos of the screen
  • Simplify compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, ITAR and more
  • Detailed audit trails and management reports

SessionGuardian Enterprise is deployed as a SaaS solution. Affordable pricing and full customization. Click for a demo today.